The Chateau Impney Hill Climb 2019

The Chateau Impney Hill Climb 2019


This year we will be attending the Chateau Impney Hill Climb in Droitwich, (13th and 14th July) discussing research and development and wealth preservation.


As part of our comprehensive service offerings here at Ormerod Rutter, we are able to provide further advice and expertise to assist you with the complexities of tax planning.  If you have already built a successful business then preservation of your family’s fortune, and passing the baton on to the next generation may be forefront in your mind.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our unique insight and experience in planning for the whole family, for the present and the future.


Throughout the Hill climb event, we will also be promoting the benefits of research and development along with our sister company Templeton R&D.



The Naughty Gentleman, an award-winning bike

Peter Ormerod, our Senior Partner here at Ormerod Rutter, will be exhibiting his motorbike (The Naughty Gentleman) at the event as an example of research and development.


From design to completion the bike took two years of expert workmanship by Ian Cushing of Second City Customs based locally in Bromsgrove.  The distinctive paint job was inspired and created by Sam Cave of Reborn To Be Wild in Cheltenham. Back in 2013, it was awarded the prestigious S&S President’s Award for Best Production Custom at the AMD World & European Championship of Custom Bike Building.


He set out to create a custom-made motorbike that incorporated the look and feel of a traditional old school bike with the advancements and performance of the best modern technology. He wanted his creation to be a bike that could be ridden and not a showpiece that looked great, but would never be used.


For more information about the bike, you can read all about it over at the Chateau Impney’s blog.


“I’ve decided to take ‘The Naughty Gentleman’ to our stand at the Hill Climb because it’s unique and a great example of research and development in action. Hopefully, people will enjoy seeing the marvellous bike in all its glory. They’ll also be able to find out more about research and development in general, and the incentives that are available and how they can save money.”


The Naughty Gentleman will be on display at our stand in Parkland South.


What is Research and Development


Research and development tax relief is a valuable government incentive that rewards companies for investing in innovation.  Research and development exists in every sector, from cleaning companies to the motor industry but not every company is aware that they qualify.


“We think you are doing R&D, prove to us you’re not”.


If you are curious about research and development and would like to know more about how it can save you money, then come and see us.  We have assisted companies across all sectors to submit successful claims and we would like to help you too.  We hope that our award-winning bike will be enough to draw you in for a chat, but if not, we also have the chance to win a champagne afternoon tea for two voucher.

“Tax, research and development, and wealth preservation are not known as an attractive event. Here at Ormerod Rutter, we try to bring enjoyment, colour and of course style into our service offerings. We are different!”


For more information contact us on 01905 777600 or


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