Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

Administration and the continual paperwork that goes with it are the backbone that can assist you in keeping your business running smoothly. However, these tasks can be time consuming and can take up much needed time that could be more profitable to you spent on other aspects of your business. Not only is bookkeeping a time-consuming task, but it can also be a rather complex one as well that is best done by someone who is well versed in all the complexities it may present. Payroll, which is carried out on a regular basis, whether you do it weekly or monthly and regardless of your number of employees, is a necessary job that can help with your accountancy consultation process, giving you up to date figures on staff wages and NI contributions, and all the accurate records that you will need.

A helping hand with bookkeeping and payroll

Ormerod and Rutter offers bookkeeping and payroll services will be able to help you streamline all those internal processes that are involved. This can be very valuable when it comes to other aspects of your business such as your accounts and taxes as all your paperwork will be up to date and all the figures you require will be on hand. Our payroll services are efficient, incredibly accurate and at the same time affordable. Whether you are a large company with over a hundred employees or a much smaller one with just a few employees, and no matter what sector your business is in, all you need to do is provide us with access to the appropriate paperwork and then carry on with other areas of your business, leaving our team of experts to complete your bookkeeping and payroll with ease.

We may use this information, expenditure on payroll etc, where appropriate to liaise with any of our other departments such as our accountancy department that you may have dealings with to provide them with any pertinent information that they may need. This will make it easier for us to complete any work we undertake on your behalf and of course will free up valuable time for you to get on with what you do best – running your business.

Taking the pain of bookkeeping and payroll

If you feel that your bookkeeping and payroll duties are taking up too much of your time, or perhaps are confusing you, then why not get in touch. At Ormerod Rutter our dedicated and highly qualified Bookkeeping and payroll services team can offer you a cost effective and very reliable solution to these repetitive yet business critical tasks. Why not let us take care of these tasks for you, giving you piece of mind that your business records are in order and letting you concentrate on the important task of running your company with complete confidence that these other time consuming yet vital tasks are being taken care of. With our experience and knowledge, you’ll have no issues with payroll and bookkeeping again.

P11D filing

Real Time Information Reporting

PAYE consultation

Construction Industry Scheme

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